"With feedback and coaching we know exactly what we will focus on."

Let managers and employees grow by positively influencing them in heart and mind. That is what we go for with coaching. Our Success Managers coach the site managers on the floor in daily practice. And our coaches also conduct customer experience visits in which they provide direct feedback to employees in order to make them aware of their behavior.



The power of coaching on the floor

The local manager knows what he or she wants to achieve with his or her team. And is driven to work to steer his or her team to maximum performance. He or she applies all his or her knowledge and abilities that he or she has and that he or she may have learned in a recent management course. He or she works his way around. And yet it is not enough. The result he or she intended did not come out. 

For those situations we have the Multi-Value Success Manager. The Multi-Value Success Manager has many years of practical experience with dozens of customers and comes to help the local manager to become successful again with his or her team. The Multi-Value Success Manager comes to the floor to help with the daily process. 

How we work

The Success Manager follows the location manager and observes the behavior and working method of the location manager and the employees. The Success Manager gives feedback about his / her experience to the various parties involved. It is wise to involve the District Manager in the feedback and the preparation of an action plan for the site manager. The focus for site managers can be situational management for instance.

How do they deal with coaching of employees and unexpected situations that arise in practice? The follow-up of this session and the actions discussed is a task of the District Manager. With the support of our Success Manager location manager learn what they can do and how they can become more successful with their team. That means more knowledge, more results and more job satisfaction.




The power of immediate feedback

Positive customer experience is crucial for the customer to decide again in favour of that brand or business. Thanks to our mystery shopping with immediate feedback, the connection is made between the behaviour of the employees and the customer experience as well as the purchase decision of the customer. This gives us an insight into the “why” custo­mers do or don’t do the following: 

• Buy more 

• Recommend actively 

• Return frequently

How we work

During a customer experience visit with feedback, the coach reveals him or herself immediately after the visit to provide direct feedback on the behavior of the employee and the effect it had on their experience. What follows is an individual coaching with the employee. The employee is stimulated to reflect on the impact their behaviour has on the customer. We will sit together with this employee and his/her manager we will then formulate the necessary actions to take in order to spark a customer’s (more frequent) return to the store, spend more during their visit and become an ambassador of your shop, office or showroom. 

When the coach of Multi-Value reveals himself, he or she goes through the 3 key values together with the whole staff, that have been part of the experience: 

• Overall customer satisfaction 

• Technical audit 

• Commercial opportunities 

The coach of Multi-Value offers concrete support for the whole team. This means that the staff at the front desk, as well as the after-sales consultant, the mechanic, but also the manager of the team are all involved. During the coaching, the coach always plays the part of the customer. It is the task of the coach, to make the em­ployees aware of what their actions and behaviour means for the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers

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